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Alright… There is too much to ask and few will get an answer. I took a little time to read, and I can say… Is this story done in a mater of loosing memory from the main character’s perspective? Or is it like a reborn in a new world?

That is what I believe bringmethefurries was wondering… but I understand on his perspective that there are more questions than answers. But to be fair we can only get the answers from the story not the developer. I know there is something that will be answered by the story, and that’s what VN’s are based on. I have read multiple VN’s and many of them still hold the mystery for a good time.

The other… MC reacting to the situation in a very calm demeanor. Like he knows where he is, yet he doesn’t remember. He doesn’t panic, but tries to pressure for an answer yet almost none get answered. For this, I can say the speed of the situation is a faster and there is less thinking coming from MC. He seems less affected than normally it lets to be.

He might be coping, but still for us readers there is a vast contrast on showing if he is ok or not in the situation. And here it shows little thinking of the situation. He is really calm, almost frightened more so. But, to defend to the person dealing with the writing. There are multiple ways a person can react to a situation, and depending on the experiences it had it can be calm, or it can be outright an outburst of emotions.

Now. This is what I think how this starter holds up. The story how it starts feels like the person who we know as MC (The main character, Reese) was killed. Yet it doesn’t seem that way… This is one of the first points I found confusing. Void can be linked as dead, but after taking a lesson with Spark I can see the other meaning, the mind in a blank state. Void of anything.

We know there is more to the world, since we get the feel of the fantasy world at some point. Magic or a similar force to it exist in this world. The story is interesting it hooked me for a while, where I lost it was in the phasing of the scenarios. They feel rushed but with enough to read and understand the situation… But there is a lack of something always popping up here and there.

This feeling of lack, lack of something, holds the story back. Back enough to make me wonder what is missing. Yet I do not have a full answer to it. I feel is in writing, but it could be the lack of construction on the scenarios… or it could be the lack of speed in scenarios feeling like a flash memory instead of a more meaningful moment.

As for the story as a whole right now… It can hold its ground. I know there is more to see and do want to know what is in store for the next build.

I do hope you can get through this rough time you are having, Krow. Many of us happened to have those moments of grief, take your time and work slowly to your goal. Just don’t burn your self by trying to please the public first. Take care for what it is trully important at this moment.


hello you didnt put an os for each build of the game, ppl using the itch app can't download the game


i'm not saying the game is bad but the story is so confusing sometimes, the protagonist doesn't have any memories but is perfectly okay with everything, plus so far you haven't even come close to answering any questions the readers might have. I know the story is supposed to be mysterious but at this rate we'll be left with 10 times more questions than answers


The protag is NOT okay with everything happening. If you're just freaking out the whole time, it wouldn't be interesting, and the character would end up looking like a babbling lost cause maniac more than the mc. There are times where the mc does express disinterest. More things unfold later, and not all questions would be answered all at once. If it did, then the whole vn would end in 3 to 4 builds.



oop a update ? damn who said "this is going out just like B101 and Starry Chain.." mentally ill fr. 


Welcome back!


Why the dislike? What did I do?


Lmao I dunno but here is a Like to balance things out XD




Is this game completed? And is it a demo or a full game?


Can't wait for more! 


"It's okay Rocky. You go when you feel like it."

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Will there be an update soon? 💗💗🏃🏽‍♂️


this is going out just like B101 and Starry Chain..

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Okay, where's yours?

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When will be the next update?


Same lol

The wolf is the first that grab my attention lol

Great game I look forward to seeing more of your work!!! Keep up the great work!!


Seems interesting but the demo is extremely short, I can't get much of a grasp on any of the characters or story, it's more of showing of the sprites and game testing than a demo. But with more content I'm sure I'll be more interested in the game.


cool, the characters in it are also cool, I wonder if the MC is Human or not?

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This looks promising, I’m interested to see more!


oh!  new VN? LET'S GO!


This is very cool! Shows a lot of potential and I love the characters :D


Will there be an update soon 🌚💙🧡💚 I am looking forward to completing this visual novel I liked it🥰🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️


👀 Ohh cool I will try it now 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️💙


First comment, ayyyyyy. Can't wait to see how it goes :D